Trade notes

(1) Compulsory closing rules

When the prepayment ratio is equal to or less than 30%, all orders will be forced to close out. Before compulsory position closing, the system can't issue a reminder notice, so it needs to pay close attention to the change of the prepayment proportion of the account when holding a position.

(2) When is the overnight interest charged?

Interest will be settled at zero (00:00) of platform time (GMT + 2 in winter time and GMT + 3 in summer time). Please read the details of interest in the specification of quotation window of trading platform.

(3) Collection of point difference

The spread is only collected when the order is successfully opened. The platform spread will change with the spread provided by the liquidity supplier.

(4) What leverage options do we offer?

We offer three kinds of leverage options:
product Lever 1 Lever 2 Lever 3
Major currency pairs 100 times 200 times 400 times
Secondary currency pair 100 times 200 times 400 times
Other currency pairs 25 times 50 times 50 times
gold 100 times 200 times 400 times
silver 100 times 200 times 200 times
Index (excluding US dollar index) 100 times 100 times 100 times
Dollar index 50 times 50 times 50 times
natural gas 50 times 50 times 50 times
shares 20 times 20 times 20 times
Leverage not only improves the utilization rate of funds, but also increases the risk. Therefore, 400 times leverage can only be used after audit. We will also adjust the leverage ratio of trading accounts and products in time according to the market situation.

(5) How to calculate the used prepayment?

Product name Occupation of deposit 1 Occupation of deposit 2 Occupation of deposit 3
Major and minor currency pairs $1000 / hand $500 / hand $250 / hand
Other currency pairs $4000 / hand $2000 / hand $2000 / hand
gold $1000 / hand $500 / hand $250 / hand
silver $1500 / hand $750 / hand $750 / hand
crude oil $500 / hand

Index = opening price × Contract unit × Number of traders / leverage

The platform uses US dollars as the settlement currency pair. If the quotation of this product is not US dollars, it needs to be converted into US dollars according to the exchange rate of US dollars at the moment of position establishment.

When the prepayment ratio is equal to or less than 30%, all orders will be forced to close out.

Futures products have a maturity date. At present, we do not provide automatic postponement service. If there is no closing before the settlement of the maturity date, the system will automatically close the position according to the last price on the maturity date.

(6) Lock in requirements and used prepayment?

Only when the prepayment ratio of the account is greater than or equal to 100%, the warehouse can be locked. The used prepayment of lock in order is equal to 50% of the total used prepayment of lock in order.

For example, the used prepayment of buying a hand of euro against US dollar is US $1000, and the used prepayment of selling a hand of euro against US dollar is also US $1000. At the same time, holding a hand of euro against US dollar and a hand of euro against US dollar is a lock, and the used prepayment is US $1000.

(7) What is the transaction mode of the order?

What we offer is the transaction mode of STP.

(8) Execution of market orders

Market price list refers to the transaction price provided by the market after the order is transferred to the market. After the transaction instruction is executed, the transaction information is returned to the MT4 platform of investors. Therefore, the market order transaction price is affected by the following factors:

1. The liquidity and price depth of banks are insufficient.

2. The market price changes too fast.

3. The time from MT4 platform to MT4 server.

(9) Execution of pending orders

There are four types of registered orders: buy limit, buy stop, sell limit and sell stop; And the order closing is divided into stop and limit.

All the orders of hanging orders are only trading orders hanging on the company's server. When the market price reaches the price of hanging orders, the hanging orders will be triggered, and then they will be transferred to the market and the market price for single sample transaction. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee that the transaction price is consistent with the preset price under any circumstances.

(10) Service reminder

Chinese customer service time is from 08:00 on Monday to 24:00 on Friday, Beijing time. If you submit an account opening application, deposit, deposit or other change application on the weekend, it will be processed after 08:00 (Beijing time) on Monday.

Our services are limited to help you understand the market fundamentals and technical analysis. We will not provide you with trading advice or issue trading instructions for you in any form. Please trade according to your own analysis and wishes.

Our staff will not ask for your account password. Under no circumstances should they tell others your account number and password.

(11) Contact us

If you are not clear about the trading account, product details or our services, please contact us through the contact information provided on our official website.