Legal declaration

Legal declaration

TNG Company is one of the leading high-quality foreign exchange trading brokers in Australia. It is committed to providing high-quality online foreign exchange trading and commodity services for global institutional and retail customers. As a financial company with long-term good reputation, TNG Company's multi bank quotation terminal brings you advantageous quotation, high-quality transaction speed execution, and more and more flexible leverage options.

Hedging policy

We may not hedge each customer's order separately, that is, we will "directly inject" it into the international market (commonly known as STP), but we will set a price with controllable risk and conduct counterparty transactions with customers. In some cases, customers' orders will be "hedged" by passing them to the international trading market through flow suppliers with the same trading volume, so as to reduce the risk caused by customers' orders opposite to the market direction. We monitor the docking system between customers and circulation providers in real time, monitor and correct abnormal quotations at any time, so as to ensure the stability and rationality of the quotation system. These abnormalities are common in super large orders for specific currencies and equity indexes, resulting in the inability of a single circulation provider to fully undertake. In order to reduce the risk of the counterparty, TNG Company specially selects primary and secondary traffic suppliers as our partners.

Customer fund deposit

All customers' funds are independently and safely stored in our segregated account, which is completely separated from our company's working capital. TNG Company strictly implements the customer fund separation system and fully complies with the relevant provisions of the regulatory regulations. All customers' funds will be subject to daily bank review and settlement. Please note that the customer's injected funds may be used to fulfill the obligation to submit sufficient margin when the counterparty transactions, but will not be used for expenses related to business operations, such as rent, utilities, or employee wages.

Margin call notice

TNG Company automatically operates the "margin call" mechanism to help customers reduce the risk of negative account funds. In order to continue your position or normal trading, your net worth must be maintained at more than 50% of the existing position margin. Once the net value is lower than this standard, your position with the largest loss will be forced to close. Before your position is forcibly closed, a warning message will be sent to your trading platform when the net value decreases to 80% of the required margin, indicating that your account has reached the red warning line. When the market fluctuates, especially when the relevant maximum data is released, it may cause additional losses. In this case, the automatic margin raising mechanism plays the role of protecting customers and traffic providers at the same time. The weekend position will increase a risk called "price short jump", and the net value may be lower than 50% of the required margin, so as to trigger the margin call mechanism.

Complaint handling

In any case, if you feel you need to make a complaint to TNG Company, please click here

Terms and treaties of preferential activities

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Fair use policy

TNG Company is dedicated to providing all customers with excellent service, high-quality platform trading experience and maintaining its integrity. If there is evidence, we may control or restrict your access to the services provided by us if we think it necessary. For more information, click here