TNG 公司的优势

Why TNG Company Global Limited
Competitive spread

TNG Company integrates various favorable conditions as much as possible to ensure that it can provide highly competitive low margin for global customers. We have been committed to developing quotation technology and establishing a deep circulation network with bank trading partners, so as to ensure the continuous provision of stable and transparent low spread and high-quality transaction execution for our customers. Our MT4 platform uses a 5-digit decimal quotation system to provide a finer point difference than an integer.


High quality exclusive customer service

Every customer at TNG Company has a dedicated account manager. Our account manager can provide you with help and support in time, whether it is about the use of MT4 platform or problems encountered in transactions. In every corner of the world, TNG Company's first-class service team provides all-round services for your transactions at any time for 5 days and 24 hours, so that you can enjoy every transaction at TNG Company.

Respected MetaTrader 4 Platform

TNG Company is the first foreign exchange broker in Australia to use MT4 online platform. On the world's popular foreign exchange trading platform, use various transaction analysis tools to start your transaction journey:

  • Fully automatic EA intelligent trading system
  • Fully functional order types
  • Various international technical indicators and analysis tools
  • With hedging and locking function
  • Stable automated transactions
  • High quality order execution capability
  • Support mobile transaction terminal
  • Database management and import / export functions