Stock index trading


TNG Company's index trading is regarded as a contract for difference. Investors only need to trade through the change of trading price rather than buying actual assets.

TNG Company adopts the "number of hands" trading mechanism, which means that all index products take the standard contract as the trading unit. These standard contracts completely copy the market value or part of the value of the corresponding index. After simplification, investors can trade in the way of first-hand standard contracts corresponding to fixed margin. The trading units of all indexes are actually "one contract", such as one ws30 and one asx200. In order to reflect the future situation more efficiently and maintain sufficient circulation, we formulate the minimum trading unit shown in the figure below.

TNG Company offers you 14 spot indexes:
Transaction symbol Contract name Handling fee (per hand) Minimum stop loss points Margin level Minimum number of transactions Transaction time (GMT + 3)
FTSE100 FTSE 100 index $2 four o'clock 0.5% 0.1 Monday: 01:05 – 24:00
Thursday – Friday: 01:00 – 24:00
DAX30 German DAX index $2 five o'clock 0.5% 0.1 Monday: 01:05 – 03:00
03:15 – 24:00

周四 – 周五:01:00 – 03:00
03:15 – 24:00
CAC40 French CAC40 index $2 five o'clock 3% 0.1 10:00 – 24:00
STOXX50 European Stoxx 50 Index $2 four o'clock 1% 0.1 Monday: 01:05 – 03:00
03:15 – 24:00

周四 – 周五:01:00 – 03:00
03:15 – 24:00
WS30 Us Dow Jones Industrial Average $2 six o'clock 0.5% 0.1 01:00 – 23:15
23:30 – 24:00
US500 Standard & Poor's 500 index $2 two o'clock 0.5% 0.1 01:00 – 23:15
23:30- 24:00
NDX100 Nasdaq 100 index $2 four o'clock 0.5% 0.1 01:00 – 23:15
23:30- 24:00
ASX200 Australian asx200 index $2 four o'clock 0.5% 0.1 01:50 – 08:30
09:10 – 23:00
HK50 Hong Kong Hang Seng Index $2 three p.m. 1.5% 0.1 04:15 – 07:00
08:00- 11:30

12:15 – 22:00
JP225 Nikkei 225 Index $2 twelve o'clock 1% 0.1 02:30 – 09:25
09:55 – 23:15

23:30 – 24:00
US2000 Russell 2000 $2 two o'clock 0.5% 0.01 01:00 – 23:15
23:30- 24:00
ESP35 Spain ibex35 index $2 four o'clock 3% 0.1 10:00- 22:00
Futures index:
Transaction symbol Contract name Point value (per hand) Minimum stop loss points Margin level Minimum number of transactions Transaction time (GMT + 3)
CHINA50 FTSE China A50 $2 three o'clock 5% 0.1 04:00 – 11:30,
12:00 – 23:45
USDOLLAR Dollar index 2 dollars three o'clock 1% 0.1 Monday: 01:00 – 24:00
Tuesday – Thursday: 03:00 – 23:00

周五:03:00 – 23:00
Futures index:

Please note that:

TNG Company will automatically postpone any open positions in Futures Spread contracts (including China A50 Index and US dollar index), which will cause you to pay the corresponding point difference (the difference between the bid price and the ask price) at the time of automatic postponement. Automatic extension means that when the futures in the contract for difference expire, TNG Company uses the next available futures contract to price the contract for difference. Since the price of the next available futures contract may be lower or higher than the futures contract about to expire, according to the net risk, we will reflect the price difference between the closing price of the expired futures contract and the opening price of the newly opened futures contract by recording or deducting money to your trading account. TNG Company will usually extend the futures contract within 72 working hours before the expiration date of the current futures contract to avoid low liquidity and high point difference at the expiration.
The FTSE 100 index, also known as the London financial times 100 index, is compiled by the world-class index calculation financial institution FTSE (FTSE Index Co., Ltd.), which specially selects 100 stocks traded on the London Stock Exchange. Its constituent stocks cover 9 major European countries, mainly British enterprises, and other countries include Germany, France, Italy, Finland Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Spain.
German DAX index, the most important stock index in Germany, is a blue chip index launched by Deutsche exchange group. The index includes 30 major German companies. The DAX index of Germany is an important securities index in Europe and the FTSE 100 index of the UK. It is also one of the important indexes in the world securities market.
The French CAC40 index is composed of 40 French stocks. It is compiled through the Paris Stock Exchange according to the stock prices of the top 40 French listed companies. The base period is the end of 1987. The index has been released since June 5, 1988, reflecting the price fluctuations in the French stock market.
The European Stoxx 50 index refers to the market value weighted average index composed of 50 super blue chips listed in the capital markets of 12 EU member countries such as France and Germany, covering most industries such as banking, public utilities, insurance, telecommunications, energy, technology, chemical industry, industrial products, automobile, food and beverage, medical treatment, raw materials and so on. The index is regarded by the financial and securities circles as an index reflecting the overall stock prices of large listed companies in the euro area.
The Dow Jones industrial average is a portfolio of the best 30 blue chips in the United States. It is the most successful and concerned index in history. Including large American companies such as Boeing, Intel, Microsoft, Coca Cola and Pfizer.
The S & P 500 index is a stock index that records 500 listed companies in the United States. This stock index is created and maintained by standard & Poor's. Compared with the Dow Jones index, the S & P 500 index contains more companies, so the risk is more dispersed and can reflect a wider range of market changes.
The Nasdaq 100 index covers 100 technology stocks with high-tech, high growth and non-financial characteristics. It can be said that it is the representative of American technology stocks. Its good performance is brought about by internal high growth, rather than external growth such as asset injection. Among them, apple, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Intel and many other well-known companies have the largest weight.
It represents 88.2% of the local market and is considered to be the most important index to measure the operation of the Australian stock market.
The Hang Seng index is an important index reflecting the stock market situation in Hong Kong. The index is calculated from the market value of 50 Hang Seng Index constituent stocks, representing 63% of the 12-month average market value coverage of all listed companies on the Hong Kong stock exchange. The Hang Seng Index constituent stocks are blue chip stocks in Hong Kong. The Hang Seng index is calculated and reviewed quarterly by Hang Seng Index Co., Ltd. under Hang Seng Bank, and the adjustment of constituent stocks is announced.
Nikkei 225 index, also known as Nikkei 225, also translated as: Nikkei average stock price and Nikkei 225 average index, is the 225 Stock Price Index of Tokyo Stock Exchange launched by Japan economic news. Therefore, these indexes have a long duration and good comparability. They have become the most commonly used and reliable index to investigate the long-term evolution and latest changes of stock prices in Japan's stock market. The Nikkei index quoted by the media refers to this index.
Russell index is founded by Frank Russell company of Washington state. The weighted average of total market capital issued by Russell index is one of the best measurement tools for the stock price performance of small enterprises. It is an index tracking large and small stocks widely concerned in the U.S. market. Russell takes the U.S. market as the original benchmark, and its constituent stocks must be U.S. companies. Russell announced that they will expand the stock index family to more than 300 indexes, with about 11000 component stocks, covering 63 countries and 22 regions around the world.
Ibex 35, the benchmark stock index of the Madrid Stock Exchange of Spain, was launched in 1992 and is calculated and managed by Sociedad de bolsas, a subsidiary of the Spanish stock market company. Ibex 35 is a market capitalization weighted index that contains 35 of the most liquid Spanish stocks in the Madrid Stock Exchange composite index, adjusted twice a year. Options and futures trading in ibex 35 is provided by Mercado Espa ñ ol de futuros financieros, another subsidiary of BME.
FTSE China A50 Index was compiled by FTSE index company and officially released to the public in January 2004 with July 21, 2003 as the base period. A50 Index is an index composed of up to 50 qualified companies selected from the A-share market according to the preparation rules of FTSE A-share index. Its indicators, including performance, liquidity, volatility, industry distribution and market representation, are at the leading level in the market.