Why choose us

Trading products

To provide investors with contracts for differences in more than 200 kinds of rich investment products, including currency pairs, precious metals, energy, stocks and indexes; And can trade on the same platform, bring the best investment opportunities for the global market.

  • Currency pairs: up to 43 currency pairs including euro / USD, USD / JPY and GBP / USD are provided.
  • Precious metals: spot gold, silver, futures gold
  • Energy: supply of usoil, ukoil and NGAS
  • Index: provide 15 kinds of index, including multi country stock market index and US dollar index
  • Stocks: 86 well-known companies listed in the United States and Europe

Transaction mode

Today's traders need low spread, deep liquidity, price transparency, anonymity, low slip and low latency. It is not easy to meet these needs, especially for each trader has different needs in price and transaction execution. STP straight through trading mode enables the dealer to gather all its liquidity providers, set up an order book with all the quotations, and then provide its customers with the best purchase and sale prices. The high volume of transactions pooled by all the dealers' customers can encourage price competition among liquidity providers and provide better leverage to demand better execution. In the first mock exam, liquidity can be effectively flowing between price providers and price receivers, so as to meet the needs of customers and provide the best trading environment for modern traders.

Fund guarantee

Separate deposit of funds

The investment funds of all customers and the company's operating funds are separated from each other and stored in different bank accounts, and are subject to the capital audit of investors by regulatory agencies.

Financial operation safety

First of all, our financial system automatically checks the identity information of the account holder and the withdrawer, and can complete the withdrawal only when the identity is unified;

Secondly, we cooperate with ey, a professional auditing body, to ensure clear accounting;

Safe and convenient payment

We are fully aware of the importance of cash withdrawal to customers, and are always committed to providing you with a safe, fast and high-quality withdrawal experience.

  • Convenient domestic withdrawal : principal and profit can be withdrawn ;
  • Efficient automatic process: automatic submission and processing of withdrawal application, which improves the speed and accuracy of withdrawal;
  • Strict audit to ensure safety: in order to ensure that your funds can be returned safely and accurately, we perform strict financial audit on every withdrawal;
  • Special person to follow up and assist: our customer service manager will assist you to complete the withdrawal application by e-mail, telephone, etc.

Multiple guarantee of group capital

In order to protect investment funds, when choosing a company as a long-term partner, professional traders should not only consider the company's specific trading conditions, but also check the documents proving that the company's operation conforms to the relevant national legal requirements and the company's compliance with internationally recognized financial standards. See more here